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There are times when social media can feel superfluous. Does it really matter how many ‘Likes’ your business has on Facebook or how many followers your company account can get on Twitter? The distance between these metrics and their practical impact—not the mention the difficulty in attaining them in the first place—frequently discourages businesses from using social media services effectively. The result is that many companies don’t have much in the way of a social media presence. It also means that even the businesses that have Facebook or Twitter pages may not use them well or frequently.

Yes, a Facebook page can function just fine as a secondary website and create another place online where customers can find you, locate your contact information, or even get in touch directly. However, this narrow approach is a wasted opportunity. Social media is arguably the primary way that people communicate and interact with the world in the 21st century. It’s not a fad, either. Social media has been around for long enough now that we know it isn’t going anywhere. Companies that can harness the power of social media and use it to broaden their reach are the ones that will inherit the Earth.

Let’s consider some facts

Almost 93% of Australian internet usersaccessFacebook every day.

20% of those online use social media to follow brands for offers and promotions. Another 19% follows brands to research products & services they might want to buy.

35% of people who discover a business or product on Facebook share it with their friends.

60% of Australians use “Online review or recommendation from someone within your social media circle” to influence their buying decision.

And lastly, 62% of small & medium businesses are already using social media to engage with their customers. Your competitors could be one of them!


The Greenhouse Digital Advantage

At Greenhouse Digital, our goals for boosting social media marketing can be boiled down to the three Rs: Reach, Retain, and Refer. These three steps allow us to turn your company into a social media juggernaut so you can enjoy the benefits that come with it. Just like with all of our other services, our social media marketing approach is built on natural and organic growth, not generating meaningless artificial likes.


The first step of any social media marketing campaign is to broaden the reach of the client’s key messaging. At Greenhouse, the companies that come to us for help are at all different stages with their social media marketing. Some have accounts on all the major and up-and-coming social sites and others haven’t even started. Some have a hundred followers and others have a few thousand. Regardless of where you are right now, we can take you to the next level.

That process starts with widening your reach. Our social media optimization specialists at Greenhouse Digital will work with you to understand your brand and your target audience. From there, we will develop a social media strategy based on bringing those target customers into the fold. Which social media platforms are your ideal buyers spending the most time on and how can you attract them to your page?

We have experience with a variety of different social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Periscope, and Snap chat. By helping you to expand your reach to these and other social media destinations, we can help you to boost your ability to reach target customers where they are already spending a large portion of their time.




Simply being on the right platforms isn’t going to be enough to get your business the social media optimization results you want. Being active on those sites is a huge part of the equation as well and at Greenhouse Digital we can help to guide you in building and retaining a social media following. Once you know which customer bases you are targeting through each social site you can also start posting the types of updates or content that those demographics are going to enjoy the most.

A greenhouse can work with you to draft a social media calendar specifically for this purpose. Your posts will take a variety of different forms from blogs and website content to sharing curated third party articles. Social media optimization for companies is a balancing act between targeted messaging, customer engagement, understanding current affairs, and good timing. We help you master each so that you can build communities of loyal customers on each social media service.

In order to make sure that your social profiles are generating the best possible impact on customers, Greenhouse will run multivariate testing on your pages to evaluate their performance. By tweaking variables on each site, serving different experiences to different customers, and recording the results, we are able to maximize the customer retention power of your social presence.


One of the great things about social media for businesses is that you can round up your customers and turn them into active evangelists who work within your marketing process. Customers retweeting your links on Twitter or referring your product or service to friends on Facebook can expose your brand to a whole new range of prospective customers. Over time, this cycle can broaden and maximize the reach of your social media presence.

At Greenhouse Digital, we understand the value of social media referrals. We also know how to get them in a natural and genuine way. We engage your customers, mold them into loyal communities, and bring them closer to your brand. We populate your social accounts with interesting content from 360-degree videos to interesting blog posts. We add value to your social pages by using them to communicate to customers about sales, promotions, and brand new products in a non-intrusive way that delivers value. These interactions boost the trust levels that you have with your online followers to increase the likelihood of valuable referrals.


WhatClients Say

We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

  • “If I had to sum up Ankit in 3 words, they would be knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly. Ankit took care to understand our objectives and challenges at iiNet, and always put forward proactive creative and realistic recommendations. He was also exceptional at communicating performance on a regular basis - above and beyond what was expected.”

    Emily Grunberg
    Emily Grunberg
    Digital Marketing Manager, iiNet
  • “Ankit was our Lead SEO Consultant across Tier 1 accounts driving the strategy behind content, offsite and technical optimisations. 

Ankit's expertise and experience in organic search performance allowed him to identify what quick-wins can dramatically increase traffic as well as what activities are required to improve keyword rankings over the course of a campaign. 

Ankit lead a team of junior consultants and collaborated with client-side stakeholders to execute SEO strategies that are centered around driving a positive ROI - whether that be content expansions, technical optimisations or linkbuilding activities. 

Ankit's pragmatic and data-driven approach to SEO make him a highly sought-after professional, and I would have no hesitation recommending him for any digital marketing challenges.”

    David van Coller
    David van Coller
    Head of SEO, APD
  • “I worked closely with Ankit on several SEO projects together. He's always thoughtful in approaching his work, and reliable in completing it. Ankit has a thorough understanding of inbound, search engine marketing and I highly recommend him.”

    Kelly Morr
    Kelly Morr
    Content Strategist, 99designs
  • “I reached out to Ankit to get more traffic & leads for my Sydney based hypnotherapy business. He was structured and informative in his approach and helped me achieve and maintain first page rankings for the most profitable base of keywords in a competitive niche. His organic white-hat approach towards content & SEO puts him apart from other operators in this space. He also assisted me in redesigning the current website that appeals to potential clients with all search engine optimization principles built in ground-up. Ankit was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

    George Swan, Director
    George Swan, Director
    My Sydney Hypnotherapy

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