We’re a Melbourne based organic search (SEO) focussed digital marketing agency that specialises in helping small-medium businesses & start-ups hone their online marketing strategies to see higher search engine rankings, better traffic and increased revenues.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your website found higher than your competition when prospective customers come looking on search engines.

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Content Marketing

Identify your ideal audience and communicate with them effectively through valuable, engaging and consistent content.

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Social Media Marketing

Connect and engage with your customer-base & industry influencers to drive positive brand sentiment.

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Website Design & Development

Get a custom mobile optimised web presence that is built for high converting traffic and leads ground-up.

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Have a think about this:

  • Are you lost when it comes to SEO & Digital Marketing?
  • Don’t have the time to learn about keywords & technical jargons?
  • Does your website have a blog that is gathering dust?
  • Do you need to promote your business without breaking the bank?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above,
we’re here to help.

Simply fill in your website URL and email address to receive a FREE Digital Marketing consultation (valued at $495) where we learn about your business, your challenges and help you identify top opportunities to increase traffic & revenue. No selling, we promise.

Studies indicate that almost 72% of all ONLINE SEARCHES resulted in a click-through to an ORGANIC SEARCH RESULT on Google!



This makes up bulk of the search engine traffic and is what makes our online marketing services unique. We only engage in organic and sustainable digital marketing strategies focussed on natural search leading to long term ROI (return-on-investment). That means, instead of relying on a pay-per-click model with a search engine (e.g. Google AdWords) or a social media platform (e.g. Facebook Ads), where your traffic & leads stop as soon as you stop paying, we optimise your website to naturally come up on the first page of Google for the right keywords and more importantly



Through a powerful and targeted digital marketing campaign consisting of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing & Authority building measures. This includes understanding your audience, finding them online, discover their problems and position you as an expert at solving them. In technical terms, it’d involve keyword research, competitor landscape analysis, onsite optimisation, website information architecture review, content strategy, social media optimisation, reputation management and web analytics setup and reporting.

What our clients say


As our namesake suggests, we take a cue from the plant world, where the strongest and most fruitful trees are often the ones with the steadiest growth. Our goal isn’t to make you the tallest tree in the forest overnight. To achieve that aim, we would have to cheat the system and engage in black-hat tactics, which would hurt your business in the long run. Instead, our ambition is to give your company the strongest roots and the healthiest ecosystem possible, so that your brand only continues to grow its online presence once we’ve planted the seeds.



Every plant needs a different regimen of sunshine, water and nutrients. The same goes for businesses. The digital marketing solutions that work for one company might be a complete mismatch for another. At Greenhouse Digital, we recognise this fact, which is why all of our online marketing campaigns are entirely customised to fit your business. We strive to know our clients and their businesses thoroughly before we start crafting each campaign because that knowledge helps us to do our job that much more effectively.


Some digital marketing agencies in Melbourne might claim to be ‘full-service’ or an expert at everything, instead leading to a jack-of-all-trades situation. At Greenhouse Digital, we are a specialised organic search focussed digital marketing company, which means that we can put together a targeted sustainable organic growth plan for your business. From getting your business online (Web Design), to getting it found (SEO) to communicating with your audience (Content Marketing) and getting leads online (Conversion Optimisation), our team can help you with nearly any challenge related to sustainable digital marketing.



SEO—and digital marketing in general—isn’t just about keywords and copywriting. From website architecture to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, a range of more technical factors can impact where your website ranks and how much traffic you get. Greenhouse Digital is skilled in both the creative and technological sides of digital marketing, to ensure that your business is playing the game right from every angle.


Working with large agencies, it can sometimes be hard to feel like you are getting the personal attention and time that you deserve. Greenhouse Digital is a small new boutique digital agency in Melbourne. Our small size and low overheads make us more agile and efficient than many of our competitors and we’re able to pass those savings in delivering more value to you. Being a local small business ourselves, we understand the value of strong collaborative relationships.



Greenhouse Digital is small in size but big on experience. Ankit Karanwal, our director and lead consultant brings over eight years of industry experience to the table. Ankit has spent his career managing growth-focused digital marketing campaigns for some of the biggest Australian and international brands, including Telstra, iiNet, Harvey Norman, McGrath and 99designs—among others.


Contracts are common in the digital marketing sphere—3, 6 or 12 months at a minimum. At Greenhouse Digital, though, we don’t want our clients to feel obligated to stay with us just because they signed a piece of paper. Instead, we want to earn your trust and keep it by delivering results. If you don’t see the results you want or need, you are welcome to look elsewhere for your online marketing services. We believe that loose, handshake-based business relationships often end up being stronger tha


Simply fill in your website URL and email address to receive a FREE Digital Marketing consultation (valued at $495) where we learn about your business, your challenges and help you identify top opportunities to increase traffic & revenue. No selling, we promise.